Teran takes to the paint, defeats Parker


Photo Credit: Josh Million

After weeks of buildup, the anticipated one-on-one basketball game between Teran Johnson and Parker Eidson finally took place last night. As the Facebook page dedicated to the game predicted, it was one of the worst and whitest games of one-on-one ever played. But, for the two competitors, it was exactly what they dreamed of, and in the end, Teran Johnson, a noted three-point shooter, used his newly-discovered front court skills to defeat Parker 21-12. Continue reading

Florida Panther or European Men’s Greco-Roman Wrestler?

The Nashville Predators face the Florida Panthers Tuesday night in Bridgestone Arena. This will be the only time the Panthers come to Nashville this season, barring a Preds vs. Panthers Stanley Cup Final (NBC executives lose sleep at this possibility). In preparation for this illustrious occasion, it’s important that you get to know the opponent. Continue reading

First Day Encouragement

Today is my first fay of classes at UT.

For my entire childhood, and I would say most people’s childhood, first days have started with encouragement. Parents telling us that we’ll do great and make friends, etc.

This year I was greeted with a story from News Channel 5 reporting that Tennessee high school students are unprepared for college. I’m not surprised, but it heightens my worries ¬†of college classes. So here goes nothin’.


Welcome to my blog. I appreciate you reading, and I hope I can be interesting enough for you to keep coming back.

I wrote for a Nashville Predators blog, Fang Faction. You can find my farewell post here. Fang Finger and the crew will continue to provide excellent Preds and Admirals related content there.

As for me, I’m headed to Knoxville to attend UTK. While there, I hope to keep new posts coming on this blog. What about? It will be a variety of topics. Ranging from interesting experiences I have worth sharing to opinions on sports news, including the Preds, of course. Nothing is off the table on this blog, which will keep it interesting. You (and I) never know what the next post will encompass.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon.